Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Miki Falls, Volume 2: Summer

Publisher: HarperTeen (HarperCollins)
Genre: Fiction; Manga; Romance; Teen
Number of Pages: 165


     Miki and Hiro's story continue! Hiro has let her in, shared his life with her, and she knows that she falling more and more in love with him. Yet after all he has done for her, shared with her, she can not stop herself from doing the one thing he forbid her to do. Get involved.

Has she ruined everything? 

Enjoy-ability Rating:

      4.5 stars

Content Rating:



      I really liked this book, even more so than the first one I think. Well, this is the second book in a series of four, and thus each one has different things that happen. So I like each book for different reasons.

     This was a very easy read, and I kept coming back to it until I had it finished (which didn't take long at all). I enjoyed the drawings and manga, wishing I could draw that well, and liked the characters. Of course this is a teen fiction, manga style book. It is not going to be the next piece of classic literature, but I thought the characters were realistic and true to their nature.

     I would most definitely read this again or recommend it as a fun, cute-sy read with a little bit of excitement and angst thrown in.

Iffy Content:

     None. There was nothing really inappropriate or anything in this book. Hiro's "hold spirit" is a more prominent character. Some of the girls wear cropped T-shirts, but nothing sensual. There are a few displays of affection, a girl puts her head on a guy's shoulder and there is a kiss/embrace scene at the end.

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Have you read any of the Miki Falls books? Any related books? What were your thoughts?
I'd like to know! I am always open for new reading suggestions.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I purchased this book myself. This review was not paid for or endorsed by anyone.

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