Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who's up for a Challenge?

I have been thinking of how I could get more reading time into my summer schedule. I had the idea to try and read two hours a day, then I could finish a book in about a week. Going over to the calendar, I counted how many weeks were left until August (when my fall semester starts).

One. . . two. . . three. . . four. . . five. . . six. . .

That got me to wondering. What about doing a reading challenge? Five books in five weeks. Starting the last week of June and going for four more weeks into July. Then I thought of my blog. . .

I already have my books picked out and in order.

Anyone want to join me???

(If I can get quite a few people to join the challenge and commit to reading five books in five weeks, then maybe I could work it out so there is a prize involved.)

SOME RULES: For me, the books have to be 200 pages or more, unless it is a nonfiction book that will take more time and concentration to read. Second, though I will aim to read one book each week, so long as five books are completed within those five weeks-- it does not matter when or how they get read. (Audiobooks do not count.) Five books just have to be read within the five week.

So mark your calendars for:
June 23 - July 27

Are you having trouble squeezing in time to read?
Would a challenge help motivate you?
Want to help me stick with my goal?


  1. Hey Book Character,

    You're reading challenge sounds like an awesome idea and a lot of fun. You can count me in! :)

    1. Thank you for doing it with me! :D I'm excited, especially since I have some other people doing it with me now!

  2. Ill join your challenge!

    Welcome to TNT!

    My blog is http://

    1. Thanks! And I am glad you'll be joining in! Make sure to check back soon, I'll be posting how some more details soon and getting ready to begin the challenge. :D