Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 Books in 5 Weeks - Ready, Set, Read!

The first week of this summer reading challenge is done!! How did you do?

I'll be honest. I am still finishing my first book. I started it last Sunday and got a lot read at the beginning of the week, but not so much Thursday through Saturday. It doesn't really bother me though because I am pretty confident that I am going to finish it today with only 60ish pages left. My first books was The Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah E. Ladd. So far, I would recommend it, and have enjoyed the story.

Next I will be reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen! I have heard about her books, and wanted to see if they are something I would like to read since so many other people seem to. The book is 383 pages, but I am fairly certain that it will be an easy read. It's a chick lit. It's current day stuff. How could it be hard to follow along?

Follow along/along for the ride! Haha, that was not intentional.

Did you finish your first book?
What did you read and what did ya think?
Please tell me and comment below!

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