Thursday, March 20, 2014

Worth Reading: That Passion

There's something extremely important to me when it comes to living my life... Living with passion. My passion is writing and literature. For someone else it may be drawing or music or photography...

I think we all strive to have some sort of craft to call our own-- something we enjoy doing and feel good at and is worth putting our effort into. We want a craft that we can thrive on, and that starts with being passionate about what you do. Here are three posts on finding, using, and living that passion:

1. Three Signs You've Found Your True Passion by Nick Thacker

2. Success Starts with Passion by Jeff Goins

3. Five Steps to Living Out Your Passion by David Valentine

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Daniel Fast: I'm Terrified of Veggies

Today marks an interesting challenge for me. For lent I have decided to join my mother and a couple other people to do The Daniel Fast, for 40 days. This means I will be on a vegan diet, with no sugar or processed foods.

First thing is that I am a picky eater, and though I like some fruits and vegetables, it is going to be extremely hard for me to eat those things as my main source of nutrition: meaning lots of them and in variety. The thought of "failing" is definitely frightening, but I have to remember it's not about "succeeding" in this challenge.

Extended fasting through healthy eating has so much more to do with my spiritual and physical health than it does completing a 40 day "challenge". I think this is coming at a good time in my life, when I feel distant from God because of things I'm struggling through, and yet He's the one I want to cling to. It's hard to do that when I am exhausted on my own, and burnt out on "trying harder".

I may feel great after having a productive day, but as soon as the work is over, I know I'm still just as down until I distract myself with a new task. Then there are the days where I am tired and unmotivated, and just down. It's not that I feel food has become my source of comfort through my struggles, but rather because of struggling so much, I know the importance of a healthy diet. I want to pump as many nutrients and healthy foods into my body to boost my system. However, just eating right isn't enough for me. I get worn out, burnt out, and exhausted and I default to going right back to where I was.

I need so much more than fruits and vegetables to make me feel better. They're a start, but this Daniel Fast is going to be a time for me to grow closer to Christ as my strength. It won't be easy, but I feel incredibly led to do The Daniel Fast for lent. I may not succeed in the way I hope, but if I can strengthen my foundation in Christ, it will be worth it.

Of course, eating right and giving up the junk my body doesn't need will probably be a good thing too.

Are you doing anything for lent? Want to share?