Sunday, June 30, 2013

5 Books in 5 Weeks - Ready, Set, Read!

The first week of this summer reading challenge is done!! How did you do?

I'll be honest. I am still finishing my first book. I started it last Sunday and got a lot read at the beginning of the week, but not so much Thursday through Saturday. It doesn't really bother me though because I am pretty confident that I am going to finish it today with only 60ish pages left. My first books was The Heiress of Winterwood by Sarah E. Ladd. So far, I would recommend it, and have enjoyed the story.

Next I will be reading Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen! I have heard about her books, and wanted to see if they are something I would like to read since so many other people seem to. The book is 383 pages, but I am fairly certain that it will be an easy read. It's a chick lit. It's current day stuff. How could it be hard to follow along?

Follow along/along for the ride! Haha, that was not intentional.

Did you finish your first book?
What did you read and what did ya think?
Please tell me and comment below!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Reading Challenge of 2013 (5 in 5)

So! You're going to join me on this reading challenge? Great! (Or are you still uncommitted?) Here are some instructions on how to join the challenge, what we will be doing, a few rules, and a surprise (sort of) if you read to the very bottom of this post. If you're interested. . . read on! If not, well, couldn't you at least give the idea a try?

The Book Character's Summer Reading Challenge

5 Books in 5 Weeks

What it is:

This is a summer reading challenge where we will be reading five books in the next five weeks (beginning this Sunday, June 23rd!).

I've already chosen the books I am going to read. Check out my list by clicking here.

How this is going to work:

You get to choose what books you read! The goal will be to read one book each week, for the next five weeks. However, it doesn't matter how long you take to read each book or what week you do it in, so long as it is within June 23 - July 27 that you get five books read.

Feel free to reread something you have read before, BUT you can not begin a book before June 23rd and count it towards your five books. So, if you are in the middle of reading something right now, hurry up and finish it before Sunday because it won't count towards the challenge.

The books have to be over 200 pages; unless it is a nonfiction book that is just under that amount, or one with very small print, that takes longer to read. If you are unsure whether or not a book is going to count towards the challenge, just message me to have it approved (more on that in just a bit).

(Remember, the goal is to get back to reading. If you are really having trouble fitting in time to read, and you will be doing good to just fit in smaller books, that is up to you. Only this is the challenge and I would prefer full length novels or books; 200 pages seems like a good place to draw the line from my experience.)

How to join in:

I already have several people who are joining in on the challenge, and I would really appreciate it if you (and anyone else who would like to join), would please go over to the "contact" tab on my blog. Simply send me a message saying you would like to join 2013 summer reading challenge, as well as sending me your name, and a means for me to contact you by (preferably an e-mail address, please).

Once you have joined the contest, I will be creating a sheet (most likely through Google Drive) for everyone to view online where you can post the books you are reading as you complete them. Also I plan to send out a confirmation e-mail for everyone who has decided to join the challenge, as well as a link to the document mentioned above.

If you already have your five books picked out, or once you've chosen them, please send me a list of the titles and authors in a message. Feel free to change your mind about what books you choose though, I want you to enjoy this challenge! At the end of the five weeks, I just need a list of all the books you read and when you began/finished them. (If you keep track of this via the Google Drive document I will be creating, you should be fine.)

Final thoughts:

Now I can't look over everyone's shoulder and see whether or not they are actually reading the books they say they are, it's up to you to be truthful. Also, if you do not message me through the "contact" tab, I will be unable to enter and notify you if you are the challenge winner at the end of the five weeks. I will not be sharing your e-mail address or any other personal info with anyone, unless I was given permission by you.


SO why did I mention the word "winner"??? Because at the end of the challenge, for each book you complete, your name will be placed in a hat to win a $15 gift card to a book store of your choice (such as Amazon or B&N)! But you have to complete the challenge and follow the instructions given above.

 If I don't get the list of books you read, I can not approve that they followed the challenge instructions, so your name can not be put into the hat for each book you read.

Lastly, if you have a blog or website, you are welcome to send me a link. I may share a list of the names (and sites) of those who have joined the challenge in a future blog post (upon permission of everyone). However, since I may not be able to check every blog for any explicit content, please make sure your content is family-friendly or otherwise say so in your message. Again if you have any questions, leave a comment or message me under the "contact" tab. I hope to be hearing from you!


Would you like to join?
Send me a message! Comment down below!
What are you reading this summer?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Who's up for a Challenge?

I have been thinking of how I could get more reading time into my summer schedule. I had the idea to try and read two hours a day, then I could finish a book in about a week. Going over to the calendar, I counted how many weeks were left until August (when my fall semester starts).

One. . . two. . . three. . . four. . . five. . . six. . .

That got me to wondering. What about doing a reading challenge? Five books in five weeks. Starting the last week of June and going for four more weeks into July. Then I thought of my blog. . .

I already have my books picked out and in order.

Anyone want to join me???

(If I can get quite a few people to join the challenge and commit to reading five books in five weeks, then maybe I could work it out so there is a prize involved.)

SOME RULES: For me, the books have to be 200 pages or more, unless it is a nonfiction book that will take more time and concentration to read. Second, though I will aim to read one book each week, so long as five books are completed within those five weeks-- it does not matter when or how they get read. (Audiobooks do not count.) Five books just have to be read within the five week.

So mark your calendars for:
June 23 - July 27

Are you having trouble squeezing in time to read?
Would a challenge help motivate you?
Want to help me stick with my goal?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Book Review: Miki Falls, Volume 2: Summer

Publisher: HarperTeen (HarperCollins)
Genre: Fiction; Manga; Romance; Teen
Number of Pages: 165


     Miki and Hiro's story continue! Hiro has let her in, shared his life with her, and she knows that she falling more and more in love with him. Yet after all he has done for her, shared with her, she can not stop herself from doing the one thing he forbid her to do. Get involved.

Has she ruined everything? 

Enjoy-ability Rating:

      4.5 stars

Content Rating:



      I really liked this book, even more so than the first one I think. Well, this is the second book in a series of four, and thus each one has different things that happen. So I like each book for different reasons.

     This was a very easy read, and I kept coming back to it until I had it finished (which didn't take long at all). I enjoyed the drawings and manga, wishing I could draw that well, and liked the characters. Of course this is a teen fiction, manga style book. It is not going to be the next piece of classic literature, but I thought the characters were realistic and true to their nature.

     I would most definitely read this again or recommend it as a fun, cute-sy read with a little bit of excitement and angst thrown in.

Iffy Content:

     None. There was nothing really inappropriate or anything in this book. Hiro's "hold spirit" is a more prominent character. Some of the girls wear cropped T-shirts, but nothing sensual. There are a few displays of affection, a girl puts her head on a guy's shoulder and there is a kiss/embrace scene at the end.

Check out this book on: Amazon or Barnes&Noble!!
Check out the first book on:  Amazon or Barnes&Noble!!
And read my review for the first book here!

Have you read any of the Miki Falls books? Any related books? What were your thoughts?
I'd like to know! I am always open for new reading suggestions.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Graduation & More Books

Friday, May 31, of 2013, I graduated from high school! I half expected that I wouldn't feel any different after graduating, like on my birthday when even though I get a "year older", I don't feel any different. This time I did, to a certain degree. There was a happy feeling of accomplishment, of disbelief that it was actually here and happening, and long moments of just enjoying the day. 

At first I was sort of dreading the attention and having to walk up in front of everyone, even though I was graduating with a bunch of other people who would do the same. But when I was standing in the group before everyone, when we turned our tassels over and the crowd erupted in applause, I decided I liked it. . . as least this one time.

Since my graduation was late in the evening on Friday, me and my family did the celebrating the next day. Saturday. Again it was weird having a "party" with everyone celebrating and giving me gifts when it wasn't my birthday or Christmas. That evening I went out with a particular spider and had a great time walking around downtown, visiting a couple shops, and grabbing dinner and dessert.

What's funny is when Sunday rolled around, and I was mentally planning out how I would fit school into the coming Monday, I remembered. I am done with high school! No more school for me!! Yay yay yay! (Until August, at least, and then it's a whole new level of school- college.)

I did something else that is exciting for me this week. . . I joined some sites where I can get free books in exchange for honest reviews! I already have one eBook that I chose, and will be doing a review for later (possibly on here). The reason I wanted to join some of these sites (but thought at first that I wouldn't be able to because I didn't have enough followers), is because duh I love to read and my bank account appreciates $free$. Secondly, I like writing reviews which I have normally done only for myself, but hope that eventually they'll be worth something to other people. My hopes are just to be able to support my interests through my hobbies, like blogging and writing reviews in exchange for more books!

(Please click on any of the following links to see the books on Goodreads or to check out the authors on their websites. Let me know if you end up reading or have read any of their books!) Recently I have purchased Waterfall, Cascade, and Torrent by Lisa T. Bergren.  Having read the first two books, I am now working my way through the third one. Just the other day I finished reading The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde. I also got The Heiress of Winterwood, by Sarah E. Ladd, a while back and hope to read it soon, as well as finishing Pride & Prejudice, and trying out one of Sarah Dessen's books called Along for the Ride. My to-read list is growing, as well as the number of books on my shelf (and on my Kindle). 

How am I ever going to read them all?!

So what are you reading?
Do you like to read reviews for a book before you read it?
Do you like to write book reviews?