Saturday, July 6, 2013

5 Books in 5 Weeks - How to Fail at This Challenge

Well, I thought I would give everyone some instructions on how to totally stink at this reading challenge. . .

1) Be an eighteen year old, blonde haired girl with glasses.

2) Only read one book in the last two weeks.

3) Start on your second book several days late.

4) Become very indecisive about what book to read next and change your mind at least twice, but only after you start reading those other books.

5) Try to finish reading a 307 page book in one evening,
preferably when you are only 64 pages into it.

And TA-DA!!!!!! You will successfully fail at this challenge like I am!

Alright, obviously I don't want you to fail at this challenge so do NOT do any of the things above. I started reading Along for the Ride, and decided it wasn't for me. I believe I didn't finish The Heiress of Winterwood until Sunday night, and then after not reading the previously mentioned book, I was really starting to get into my week. I tried Under the Tuscan Sun, and don't get me wrong, I think I will enjoy it. However, since I was running out of time to finish a book in a week and a different book I ordered came in the mail (Wings by E. D. Baker, it use to be one of my favorites when I was younger), I started that book again instead.

Thus. . . here I am again. Running late. Trying to squeeze a book in. And I am feeling the challenging part of this challenge. I gotta get my butt in gear!!

On a random note, I got the new Relient K CD on iTunes today! "Collapsible Lung" has been pretty good. I like it!!

How are you doing?
It's not too late to join the challenge if you haven't yet!


  1. I didn't officially join the challenge, but I am almost finished with book one and will be starting book two tomorrow. Maybe I can catch up with you after all ;-)