Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's All About Me! (Just Kidding, It's Totally Not.)

Who am I? Well, first you can go over to my about page (the adorable little eraser tab above) if you want to know more about me personally. . . in a nutshell. What I would like to do right now is share about some of my interests, hobbies, and how I spend my free time! If you are not interested in that, then you don't have to read this post. I don't want to bore anyone. ;) Just make sure to stick around for any upcoming posts because I have a little surprise planned.

I am seventeen at the moment and finishing up with school. For me, school has already started this year. . . Actually, it began a week or so ago. (Phewy, no more break.) As I mentioned on my about page, I am taking a class online at a community college and I am doing this via dual enrollment. So I am enrolled in highschool and in a college at the same time (trust me though, it sounds a lot smarter than it really is). I  already have a history, english, and couple other classes out of the way for college. What's nice is that I get dual credits for the classes I take (a credit for highschool and college) and they are free since I am still in highschool (the downfall is having to pay for whatever books I need out of my own pocket and that gets pricey- thankfully my parents have taken care of that for me <3 ).

After I graduate I hope to go to this said community college for their cosmetology program where I will be learning about cutting, styling, and coloring hair as well as other things like skin care, massaging, and manicuring nails. I am pretty excited because I really enjoy learning about this stuff. I have spent hours on YouTube watching tons of how-to's, tutorials, and other videos on hair, makeup, and nail art. Yeah, it was sort of an addiction for a little while. . . If you like watching that stuff on Youtube, please check out these two YouTubers below! They are pretty much my favorite people to watch when it comes to all things girly, I have been following their channels for about a year now and still love them.

           Kaleigh's Channel: Lets Make It Up!
Lucy's Channel: Loepsie!                       

Along with an interest in those things, I like fashion too. Mainly on just a normal, girly level. I have very, very minimal expertise there (if any at all). I do like watching videos and seeing how other people create, develop, and express their own style. Little by little I have picked up on tips, tricks, and other bits of info on the subject and slowly am discovering my taste in clothing. That is part of the reason why I like the idea of putting together everyday outfits and musings that were inspired by book characters.

Picture painted by myself and another girl from my art class.
Creating a look around a character from a story or book is done quite often for movies, plays, even Halloween. I like the idea of doing something like that so much, I want to come up with a few creations and looks of my own. Some creations might just be pictures of clothing that I think define a certain character, others may be outfits I have put together and photographed myself, or maybe I'll attempt some sketches to give ideas on how to incorporate the look of a book character you love into your own wardrobe. (Oooh, that just made me think of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe to be exact. *happy face*)

Anyways, it is probably obvious by now that I love books, whether I am reading or writing them. But books are not all that I care about. I have had an interest in drawing and sketching since I was. . . well, younger. Not that I am very good, pretty decent at it I suppose, but I have been at it a little over the years and taken an art class or two. I enjoy it enough that I would consider it a hobby.

Another thing I like to do is paint with acrylics, but I do not paint much anymore (I don't have the supplies for it because I only did it when I was in an art class). I stink at watercolors, though I would like to try my hand at it some more if the opportunity came up. Funny, eh?

I love Jane Austen. I have seen a great many movies based off her novels (Pride & Prejudice- several versions- and Emma- several versions- and Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. . . to name a few). Sadly, I have never read one of her novels entirely. I did listen to Northanger Abbey all the way through as an audio book, and I read most of P&P at one point. Other movies I like are Little Dorrit (the BBC series), North and South (Richard Armitage stars in this movie), and Jane Eyre. I do like other, more modern movies, but those are some of my favorites. (Also feel free to click on any of the links, there are three for P&P and Emma, and check some of these movies out! They will take you to Amazon, but watch with your own discretion, some of these movies are pretty intense.)

Other authors I like are C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Ted Dekker, Julie Klassen, Chuck Black, and Wayne Thomas Batson. That's not necessarily in any order of least to greatest, but hopefully you get the general idea: these are authors I like.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. . . oh my! When it comes to diet and exercise I am not the healthiest person in the world, but that is something I am working on, especially this year. I have a huge desire to exercise and eat well because I want to fuel my body with the right stuff and reap the benefits from doing so. But that requires more than just liking an idea, and it is taking me some time to put that desire into action.

I am a picky eater and probably could list on one hand the number of fruits and veggies I like (apples- if they're crunchy, grapes- if they aren't squishy, broccoli- if it's steamed and served with butter, asparagus- if the stalks are not too big and it is sprinkled with salt, you get the picture). It's bad. . . I know. But trust me, I do like more fruits and veggies than the few I listed. (I love pomegranates!) This year I am hoping to get  my hands dirty with more baking and cooking lessons, along with improving my diet. Another thing I have been dabbling in is researching about eating foods and things that are all-natural and organic, and avoiding foods that are processed, unhealthy, or even harmful to my body.

Archery is amazing. I admit, I do not know much about it except for when I have a bow and arrow in hand, ready to shoot. Do not ask me what kind of bow it is, what it is used for, or where it originated. . . All I know is that I love target shooting. The whole thought, feel, and look of having a bow in hand, an arrow fitted, and my eye on the target is exhilarating.

I also love to run. I do not do it officially or consistently or for long distances, mainly just sprinting every now and then. Being out of shape keeps me from running very often, but once I start exercising more I would like to work up to it. Ice-skating and rollerskating are so much fun too. I do not get to skate very often, but when I do, I love it! I've also had a thing for swimming; not competitively or professionally, just going to the lake or jumping in the pool.

Wow. This post was probably excruciatingly long. Oopsy! But considering all of these things are a part of my life (even if it is a small one in comparison to other things) and it is what I enjoy doing, so you'll probably be seeing more on them eventually. Especially stuff having to do with reading and books and writing!

Anything else you would like to know? What are your hobbies?
If you had a day off to do whatever you wanted,
how would you be spending your day?

Photos by Jackson


  1. Yay! I'm finally getting around to commenting on the posts I've read lately . . . forgive me for my being tardy, eh? ;)

    Cosmetologist, huh? My sister will be going to cosmetology school too, as she loves everything pretty-fied! haha! I also LOOOOVE watching Loepsie's channel on Youtube! <3 Aren't her plaits FAN-tastic!?

    I just started working with acrylics for the first time last month and I LOVE it! We'll have to chat about books and paint and etc, sometime!

    1. Yes, Loepsie is great! :D And really? I would love to chat! We should do that sometime soon ;) :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Comments are very much welcome, tardy or not ;)