Thursday, October 17, 2013

I've Decided to Become a Photographer... Sorta

Okay, no, I am not really going to become a photographer. I like taking pictures and editing, and learning about that stuff, but it's not a.... I don't know, passion of mine? Being around so many friends (not just you, Jackson) who were in to photography, I tended to shy away from it. I either felt like I was being a copy-cat or I'm bad to compare my work with others. It was/is just too intimidating.

But of course... with a boyfriend who is totally into photography, I can only avoid it and stay within my nice comfort zone for so long. Because he knows I have an interest there... and that I really enjoy helping him... so it would make sense I knew what I was helping with...

Thus began my first real photoshoot! Real enough for me anyways. He bought my lunch, does that count as payment?

I had taken pictures and he's given me a few lessons before, but this time he really made me be the one behind the camera. These are a few of the pictures I took.
I know this shot may not follow typical "photography" rules, but Jackson and I both liked how it turned out. It wasn't fully planned, I was just snapping a few pictures before I walked closer. I liked how it was sorta different!

So, here was my little picture adventure. I took a lot more photos, but I could only edit a handful before he had to go back to school (*insert sad face here*). Next time he comes up, he'll probably "make" me edit more. It's not that I'm really doing much to the photos, mainly making them look more like they did in real life, I am just new to that.

Alrighty, who else is in to photography?
Do you like following blogs that use pictures in their posts?

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