Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Weeks Gone and Four Books Down

Over the past two weeks I have read 3 books entirely and finished a fourth. I think, for me, this is a new record. (Or well, it is my most recent record. You have to cut me some slack, this is my first year seriously getting back to reading.) Typically I do not consider myself a very speed-y reader, but I do not think I am that slow either. However, the past two weeks have really boosted my reader-self's confidence. And I have spring break to thank for all that extra reading time.

April 1st, I got up at 3 in the morning. No, I am not joking. Why did I do this when I desperately love my night's sleep? So I could get ready to head over to my local community college and get in line for cosmetology sign up at 8. We had been told that people started lining up at 4 in the morning. Though to me it sounded a bit ridiculous, I still did not want to risk it. So when we (my Mom and I) drove into the college parking lot at 4am, we hoped that we weren't going to be the only ones to show up that early.

As it actually turned out, there were close to 8 or 10 people ahead of us! The ones at the very very front of the line had been there since eight o'clock. . . the night before. Let me explain though, this wasn't all for cosmetology "people", there were a few other programs that people were signing up for, but I wouldn't have known who was there for cosmetology and who wasn't without getting there early myself. Plus, the number of students who could get into the cosmetology program were limited to a certain amount.

It was freezing cold, and my Mom and I waited outside, sitting in fold-out chairs with a blanket over us for 4 hours. I thought I would use this time to catch up on some reading. What a great opportunity I had thought! Ha, yeah right. After 30 minutes, I was more concerned with staying warm than reading. So I soon put the book away, dozing on and off until about 7am. The good news is I was the first one on the list for cosmetology! And there were tons and tons of people behind us in line. So I am thankful we did end up getting there early, and now I definitely know where I am going in the fall.

After that, I had two weeks off for Spring break (the perks of being homeschooled), but the first week was mainly spent getting all of my graduation stuff together and ordered as well as finding some scholarship opportunities. After all the stress from that, I took the next week off to actually have some free time and that's how I got so much read! Or I got a lot read for me at least.

Also I am still trying to figure out how and when to incorporate blogging into my life, same with reading for pleasure, cooking, and writing my novel. Add graduating in less than two months, and my schedule gets a wee-bit busier every now and then. Right now I have decided to try to read Pride & Prejudice all the way through! I started it the other day and next week I should have a lot of time at home, which means more time to read, read, read. Another thing I am trying to do now is comment more on the blog posts I read, as well as check out new blogs and posts, because I've realized how fun and personal it is to get a comment on my blog. There are several book reviews I would like to post soon as well, and I hope that branching out into new genre's will bring in some new reading suggestions! Recommendations anyone?

So what are you reading right now?
Did you enjoy celebrating Easter?
How did you spend your Spring Break?
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